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thedudefromtheit said: Obey Me: Come on little tiger! Put those sweet little kitty-ears on I've bought you and crawl around the floor. "Rawr" for me! (At least I didn't bought that ana...*CENSORED*)

"You’re stupid right? I hate you and you’re bloody stupid! You’re stupidly childish, for gods sake!


FINE!! Give me this bloody junk”

Sebastian grabbed the furry ears and put them on. With ice-cold eyes he steared at Moriarty and slowly got on his knees.

"You know there would have been more valuable things than this!"

The embarrassment forced him to close his eyes while he slowly crawled the way over to his boss and the growl he let out came more natural that intended.

"You’re an idiot…."

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  1. thedudefromtheit said: And you are such a good and adorable little tiger! :D
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